Caroline Culver

Caroline Culver & Sarah Organ Specialist Speech and Language Therapists

We work with children with a wide range of Speech, Language and Communication difficulties including:

MTW - Speech and Language Therapy is a member of the Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice

Speech & Language Therapy for Children

Speech and Language Therapy for Children

Communication is not just about speech and spoken words. We communicate in many different ways including gesture, body language, written words, facial expressions and many others. Therefore communication is always the primary goal. Some children may need an Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) to support their communication, which may include signs, symbols or electronic aids. Others will need support to develop their play and interaction skills in order to support their speech, language and communication.

Speech and Language Therapy

Parent Stories

Parent Stories

Over the years we have been able to help many children with their speech and language struggles. Read what their parents had to say.

  • “I would 100% recommend MTW to someone else. MTW and I worked together to help support my daughter.”
  • “I would highly recommend MTW to anybody looking for speech therapy for their child.”
  • “Joseph’s speech is improving all the time and we often get comments from people who have not seen him for a while about the progress he is making.”
Parent Stories

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